About William (Bill) Pearson
Composer / Producer / Recording-Mix Engineer
Industry veteran William (Bill) Pearson has been described as something of a renaissance man. Industry accolades such as a Grammy for recording Andrae Crouch's "Mercy", original music for the Academy Award winning documentary "Twin Towers", to the somewhat herculean task of recording and mixing every major show for the opening of Disney's critically acclaimed theme park - Tokyo Disney Seas seem to follow him around.
From heavy rock to R&B to world beat to big band to legit orchestra - he's done it all during his career. His unique chameleon-like ability to shift directions between composer, mix engineer, musical director, producer, scoring engineer and "session psychiatrist" seem to lead him into ever eclectic projects, lending his truly unique perspective to the artists and films he works with.
Growing up in Southern California in the 60's led Bill down the eclectic musical rabbit-hole that now defines how he approaches his craft. That unique musical time in history and the wide variety of styles playing incessantly on his little transistor radio forever changed his life - and ultimately drew him into playing trombone thru middle school, piano and organ thru high school, stints with rock bands and orchestra's after that and then off to college for a degree in composition. Ultimately, marriage and life on the road as a keyboardist and musical director for multiple artists led Bill to the studio - where he has conveniently parked and stayed put. Whether playing keyboards, writing cues or mixing an up-and-coming artist, Bill feels equally at home......as long as there's a big console and a computer nearby.