Music is a mystery. An enigma. It is the language of the soul, a window into human emotions. Hard to describe and often miscommunicated, it is frequently given birth during the pangs and pressures of deadlines. This is where Mindseye thrives.
Original music for visual media has always been, and remains, the driving force at Mindseye. Under the creative direction of William Pearson, the musical focus at Mindseye is both diverse and eclectic - spanning a wide variety of musical styles and directions. William has the unique ability to bring the emotional vision of a project into focus with just the right theme, ensemble or group of musicians. From a large orchestra to cutting edge electronica, from "classic rock" to roots or period pieces, William has the vision and experience to create a score that will give your project a unique and special feel while capturing the emotional essence of the story line.
Creativity and experience are hard to put into words, but as we've said before, we believe you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep, so feel free to check out our credits or contact William directly so we can talk about your project.