Mindseye is equipped with an in-house, state-of-the-art Analog/Digital recording and mixing studio - capable of both stereo and 5.1 mixing.
Studio A:
Studio A has the ability to mix either Analog or Digital with our Automated 120 input D&R Orion X and Digidesign Pro Tools HD3 Accel systems. A wide variety of analog outboard and high-end digital plug-ins complement the mix environment.
Studio A's tracking room is a comfortable 20'X24'X12' "live" room with a great sound. Perfect for drums, guitars, brass, woodwinds and small string sections.
For tracking, Mindseye features a large array of vintage and modern microphones. Neumann, AKG, Gefell, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Shure, EV, GT, CAD, AT and Audix mics are just a part of our extensive mic locker. Our mic pre's consist of API, Purple Biz, Shadow Hills GAMA, Avedis MA5 and of course, 48 channels of D&R. Dynamics include DBX, Aphex, Purple and Valley People. Outboard features Lexicon, TC Electronic, Yamaha, Eisen, Studio Technologies, Roland, Korg and BBE.
Our keyboard/MIDI collection includes everything from cutting edge synths and samplers to a virtual who's who of vintage keyboards, modules and samplers dating back to the beginning of MIDI. REAL analog at it's best!! Add in the latest array of soft synths and samplers and Mindseye becomes a keyboardist's paradise.
Studio Mobile:
In addition to Studio A, we have a mobile setup that allows us to take the studio "to the music" when needed. A portable 60 input Vision console, mobile Pro Tools system and our great collection of mics and pre's make remote recording a viable alternative.

Our NUMBER ONE goal is to make your recording and/or mixing project a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Please contact us directly for a current list of gear, services and rates.